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2017 16Ways Football and Cheer Camp - Lexington, Kentucky

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Changing Lives One Play/Cheer at a Time weekend in Lexington, KY was a success. We treated participants to two events that motivated their souls emotionally and physically because it is our intent to help encourage youth to live up to the very best version of themselves possible. When they know they can, they do.

On June 2, 2017, the emotional focus was on setting goals, stepping into leadership roles, taking advantage of positive opportunities, and identifying self-worth. We wanted the youth to GLOW!  Through a series of four workshops, 16Ways staff mentored and shared knowledge to help youth in their personal, academic, and athletic lives. Following the workshops, everyone enjoyed a Glow Party, complete with Papa John’s pizza, chicken from Buffalo Wild Wings, the slamming sounds of DJ Erin Greene, of Lexington, and prizes.

The following morning, June 3, 2017, 65 young people showed up bright and early to put the advice from the previous night to action physically. Under picture perfect blue skies, campers did drills, ran, practiced techniques, and executed newfound skills. Also, mixed into water breaks, camp participants reviewed the GLOW messages. Camp concluded with pizza from Papa John’s and sling backs that were loaded with goodies, including Scholastic books.

The foundation was especially moved by the generosity of the host location, Tates Creek High School. The staff was accommodating to our every need. Thank you, Tates Creek.

Be on the lookout for details of camp weekend in Denver, CO, July 7-8, 2017.


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