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16Ways’ Book Donations Make Powerful Impacts

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Part of 16Ways’ mission includes helping youth appreciate the value of academia. Reinforcing how important education is comes in many forms, and instilling a love of reading is one of them. Our partnership with Scholastic Books has allowed us to get books in the hands of children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to build personal in-home book collections. Therefore, we feel honored when the organizations that distribute the books we provide share their progress with us.

“The book donations from 16Ways go two places: The Reading Room in the Carnegie Center building, and the Carnegie Center Reading Room in Triangle Park. In both cases, community members are encouraged to come grab a book – for free! – to bring home so they can have access to their own home libraries. This partnership between 16Ways and the Carnegie Center has been a perfect and natural fit, as it’s important to both organizations to lift up the children of our community through the power of books and learning.”

Laura Whitaker, Program Director

Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning - Lexington, KY

“First and foremost, I want to thank the 16ways Foundation for the books to assist CCM Leadership Academy in achieving its literacy goals. We had 95% of the 100 youth served read twenty-five minutes a day and complete five books during the eight week summer camp. Second, 95% of the 100 youth served, developed a stronger vocabulary by writing/defining /spelling words they didn’t know. Third, 90% of the 100 youth served created a journal, constructed a complete paragraph, and improved grammar during the eight week period. In conclusion, 100% of the 100 youth served will receive books to start their first library at their homes. CCM Leadership Academy serves youth ages 6 – 16 that reside in underserved communities. Your gift of books aided in their development of visiting spaces and places that ordinarily they may or may not hear about. The love of reading has caught on, and many looked forward to going to English /Language Arts to complete the reading of specific chapters. So, thank you JD, Wesley and the foundation for taking time out from making a living in order to make the lives of others better!”

Darrell Caldwell, Executive Director

Why We Can’t Wait, Inc. - Nashville, TN


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