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16Ways GYRLs Are Still Blooming

The young ladies of 16Ways GYRLS spent the summer gardening and learning to grow their own food as well as learning the biology behind what it takes to have healthy living soil. As it turned out, the garden was a perfect space to explore, learn, and have fun, while maintaining social distance. The girls started the growing season with a worm bin to help nourish their soil and create a microbiology. They found out that there is a lot to learn when growing organically. As they learned about caring for worms, they discussed what it means to be sustainable and set a goal to minimize the amount of waste they contribute to landfills.

Next, the girls spent time learning about companion planting and the importance of giving plants clean water in the correct amounts. At the end of the season, the girls were able to harvest enough food to feed their families for a week. In fact, many of their gardens are still providing food. 16Ways GYRLs is looking forward to growing enough to sell at a local farmers market during 2022.

Additionally, once a month the girls spend time feeding the Metro Denver homeless and transient population by putting together sack lunches complete with nutritious meals, socks, and feminine products, when applicable.

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