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16Ways GYRLs Share Respect and Love with the Community and Planet

16Ways Foundation maintains roots via our girls’ program in the first major city to embrace us, Denver, CO. 2023 has been extremely impactful for 16Ways GYRLs. Many members are thriving academically, and several excelled athletically to participate in regional and national competitions in their respective sports.

  • The year began with the girls participating in a candle making workshop. The candles served as a reminder of the goals each member set for herself.

  • In February, the girls enjoyed learning the art of crochet. Program facilitators shared the origin of the crocheting and what tools are needed. The workshop was challenging to some as they worked to create their own scarves, but it was rewarding watching them work through their frustrations. The girls will use their new skill to participate in “Keeping the City Warm” which is a collective community initiative that distributes scarves, hats, socks, gloves, and blankets to the homeless and transient population throughout Metro Denver.

  • In March, the girls learned about the significance of food sovereignty and food systems. Each girl was able to plant a seed to get her summer garden started.

  • In April, we dove deeply into food waste. The girls learned how to divert waste through vermicomposting. Even though the girls were initially apprehensive about having worms as pets, during our June check-in, all worm bins were growing and happily turning food waste into organic amendments for garden soil.

  • Throughout the summer, 16Ways GYRLs fed just over 200 homeless in various Metro Denver communities. They also put together 20 back-to-school kits for children and teachers.

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