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16Ways Track Reaches Golden Heights

Our track club represented the foundation in unimaginably impressive ways at the 2021 Junior Olympics in Houston, TX. The athletes pushed past extreme heat to earn 14 medals. Of the 14, and for the first time, 16Ways Track came home with gold. The team can now tout four All-American gold medalists.

The track club is grateful to have tremendous parent support. In fact, we were able to add two parent assistant coaches, which made a difference in helping our young athletes thrive during practices and competitions.

We like to reiterate that the track program does not exist solely to train athletes. Through the program, team members develop friendships. They learn to overcome adversity. They work through emotional, academic, and other personal barriers. 16Ways Track Club manifests leaders for the next generation.

If you have children who are interested in learning what self-motivation, perseverance, and commitment feel like, click the registration link below.

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