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2020 Program Updates

16Ways Foundation recognized a need to persevere in 2020, not despite a global pandemic, but because of it.

  • Our coaching staff was able to secure a safe facility, thanks to Battling Bathers Track & Field in Mt. Clemens, MI and help our athletes continue conditioning and training as they awaited opportunities to compete. Additionally, the team held regular virtual mental wellness checks.

  • “Do the Right Thing” initiative was able to continue by setting up a fully functioning remote classroom at Callaway High School in La Grange, GA.

  • 16Ways GYRLS of Denver, CO remained focused on valuing the importance of self-care by participating in routine nature walks at Lookout Mountain.

  • During the Christmas season, we happily partnered with The Casey Fund to sponsor 45 families in Metro Denver.

  • We recognized the Wi-Fi challenge that many schools, teachers and students experienced with the transition to online instruction, so we acquired and provided 30 hot spot devices to Fayette middle schools in Lexington, KY.

  • Our commitment to Carnegie Center, in Lexington, KY, remained intact. We donated 1,500 books to help keep the center’s “Little Libraries” stocked. Also, we enthusiastically sponsored six deserving children to receive tutoring.

We look forward to continuing our partnerships and being of service in 2021.

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